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Monday, February 12, 2018

Kendrick Lamar Joins Others in Calling an End to Recording in Concerts

For people who attend concerts, it’s common to record them as they represent encounters with their idols. But, some performers have, previously as well, taken issue with the practice. Kendrick Lamar, is now the latest high-profile performer to ask that people stop using their smartphones to record their acts.

Lamar, a hip-hop superstar, kicked off his European tour in Dublin last week and would not even allow professional photographers into his performances, as he seeks to take control of his image rights in the era of modern technology.

A few of the photographers were allowed in the North American leg of his tour where he performed songs from his latest album ‘Damn’. The Grammy-award winner is keen on protecting his brand by limiting the market, as quite a lot of musicians rely on making profits from the concerts they perform on tours. A big chunk of income in the music industry is based on these live shows.

The rapper, though, isn’t the only one as Rupert Enticknap, a countertenor, put a halt to a performance to stop someone filming the event with his mobile phone. He said in a tweet that it was the first time he had stopped a performance.

A huge part of the problem is that people don’t understand how this can hurt the artist, according to British composer, Helene Muddiman. Helene, who campaigns against copyright infringement, said people will soon be stopped from uploading performances online with the help of technology.

She said that this was possible if governments would not be duped by those who don’t wish to protect and obey the copyright laws. She was also positive in thinking that laws and technology will be introduced that will block copyrighted material from being uploaded without purchasing a license.

She added that education would play a key role in achieving these aims and related the situation to when Charles Dickens fought for his work. The fact that those with a printing press could steal his work was a crime, was realized 40 years after his death and the laws are now well known because of those incidents.

Another musician, Jack White, who’s the lead singer of the White Stripes, has a rule that no cellphones are allowed in his concerts. According to him, this is to provide a one hundred percent human experience and enhance the atmosphere of the concert. White has also previously criticized people in concerts, saying that were too busy texting and using their phones during a performance. His tour managers recently banned all types of recording devices as they encourage people to enjoy the shows without distractions.

The artists can take solace from some the of new inventions that have come to light in recent times. The Yondr pounch, handed out to people as they arrive, allows phones to be placed inside and are locked until the performance has come to an end. Apart from that, tests are being conducted on hi-tech devices that will block signals on phones, temporarily disabling them from recording or using their phones. 

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