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Friday, November 17, 2017

5 Best Closed Back Headphones you Can Find

While there are plenty of open-back headphones available in the market, most people prefer to get closed back headphones because of their versatility. They work in various situations where it is simply not practical to use open-back headphones. For instance, it is better to use closed back headphones in noisy environments because they are better able to block outside sounds. Hence, they can offer isolated quiet and peace and are better suited to be used as travel headphones. There are a wide array of durable, well-made and small designs in closed back headphones. Some of the best closed back headphones you can find in the market are:

Master and Dynamic MH40 

Some other closed back headphones may offer better sound than these, but the Master and Dynamic MH40 are one of the best closed back headphones in the market. The design and quality of these headphones is top notch and it makes them a great option when you are on the move. They are energetic and warm and are good enough for blocking most of the external noise that can affect your listening experience when you are traveling.

Audeze Sine 

These headphones are a great example of why Audeze is a well-recognized and renowned name in the world of headphones. You can find everything you are looking for in the Sine, whether it is punch bass, stunning good looks, detailed mids, stellar build, all day comfort or excellent sound. The features definitely justify the price, which is a bit on the higher side.


It was Audeze who mastered the planar magnetic driver, but the first closed back planars were first perfected by OPPO. Everything you like about the OPPO PM2 can be found in the PM3 as well and they are the first planar headphones that are useable and portable. They have an outstanding build quality and it is used with the HA-2 amplifier, which means the sound is amazing.

Audio Technica MSR7 

These closed back headphones have been around for a while and their price has come down, but this only makes it one of the best options you can get. You can enjoy impressively detailed sound and it is quite well-balanced with performance and soundstage that’s similar to open-back headphones. The styling of the device is fantastic and the build also hits all the marks. Overall, it comes off as a classy pair of headphones and can compete with the ones available at twice its cost.

Beyerdynamic T51 

If you are looking for one of the best portable closed back headphones in the market, these mini Beyers are your solution. Boasting metal headbands, these headphones are built like strong tanks and come with rock solid earcups that are made to last. The isolation is incomparable as you would expect from headphones of this line. As far as the sound is concerned, you can get intense speed, crisp clarity and tight punchy lows as per Beyerdynamic standards. But, the real star of the show is the midrange and it makes these headphones truly versatile.       

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