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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gregg Allman Passes Away At 69 In Georgia

Famous American rocker Gregg Allman has died at 69 in Georgia. The guitarist departed his life peacefully on May 27, 2017 in his Savannah home. The news about his death was reported by the publicist of the late organists Me. Ken Weinstein on last Saturday.

The legendary rocker had been struggling with several health problems over the last few years. According to a press release published on Gregg's website, while the singer had many health issues, he kept playing his music in conjunction with his brothers. Besides, he also considered to continue walking on the path of his solo band and presented many hit records for his fans. For Gregg, music was a vital medicine for his soul. He always found playing music useful to lift himself up, and kept going through the toughest time of his life.

Gregg's illness also forced him to call off his tour last year which was due to kick start in August. According to his publicist, the musician was under the care of his physians at the Mayo Clinic where he was addressed for some serious health problems. Later in March this year, Gregg decided to cancel his all scheduled programs so that he can pay attention on doing well in health and then continue with his music. The rocker was diagnosed from hepatitis C 10 year back in 2007. Unfortunately, the illness turned out to be so severe and the singer had to undergo a surgery for liver transplant operation in 2010.

On the sad event of Gregg Allman's death, many Hollywood celebrities paid their respect for the iconic star. Thanking the legendary rocker for his musical inspiration, the famous Hollywood director Cameron Crowe wrote on his Twitter account that he was really inspired for those holy nights, Gregg spent on the stage and rocking the audience with his music. In addition, there are numerous musicians and country music stars including Travis Tritt who took to the micro blogging website to send his condolences. Tritt tweeted that he felt very saddened over the news of Gregg's death. The rock and blues legend indeed was a huge influence on his career; and he would always be inspiring the rocker for his own music.

Gregg Allman was the one who played an important role in founding the Allman Brothers Band in the late 1960s. The group gained huge popularity and became one of the biggest rock groups of the 70s. Some of the hit songs of the Allman Brothers include Midnight Rider, and Rambling.

Moreover, the band has been touted with helping to generate a distinctive southern rock sound. It fused rock & roll, blues, jazz, blues together and created a special, in fact, a unique genre that has left a great influence on many singers, musicians and rockers.  

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