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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Blow Flyy: When Rap Is Revived and Made Worthy of Listening Again

If you are someone who is tired of mainstream rappers and their uninspiring lyrics, abusive language towards women and track over tracks with no emotions, Blow Flyy is your man. Blow Flyy is a rap and hip hop artist whose real name is Anthony Grant. He is from Canada and is often performing in Toronto and its nearby areas.

Why Does Blow Flyy’s Rap Matter?

With so many hip hop artists making up the mainstream rapping scene, why would you listen to Blow Flyy in the first place? Well, it seems that people are finally tired of how rap is fast losing its quality and turning into a competition of calling bad names to women, exalting drugs, taking pride in being gangsters, etc.

Bow Flyy takes you back to the roots of rap where the real material for rap was issues that matter to every other person in the world. He keeps vulgar language away from his material but there is even more to his lyrics. When you hear his raps you could easily tell that there is poet in him that’s turning real life situations into words.

How Much Music Has He Made?

He put together 9 tracks on an album called Born to Dream. Right from the name of the album you can tell what his mentality is and how seriously he raps. Give a listen to this album and you will be relating to more than half the stuff on it. In this album he talks about a wide range of issues starting from the brutalities of mainstream media to common issues such as love and relationship.

One of his best tracks, both lyrically and rap-wise, is We Both Dreamers. He has a video of him performing live in Tornto available on YouTube that can give you a clear idea of how good he is as a rapper. He raps live with very high energy so you will notice that his key while performing is pretty high. However, there is not a single word that comes out of his mouth that you won’t understand. He delivers his lyrics very calmly and with emphasis.

Why Isn’t He Among the Biggest Rappers Then?

Of course, if he’s such an amazing rapper and raps so magically then why isn’t he the biggest rapper or is considered among the top ones? The simple answer here is that Blow Flyy is not only true to the genre of rap but himself, his audience and music as a whole.

He’s had many chances of signing with big record labels but he refused to do so because he wants control of his music. He also understands that when his music is controlled, he will be made to do things and say words he does not want to say and do.

Final Thoughts

If you are a rap listener and want true rap artists to make the top rappers on TV, here’s your chance to take the first step. Support Blow Flyy, listen to his music and you will never regret it.

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