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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Adam Levine Recruits His Wife for Music Video

A preview video clip of Cold, Maroon 5’s latest song, shows that Adam Levine recruited his wife Behati Prinsloo to share a bed with him. The video shows Adam coming in after having a wild night out and lying on top of the bed where his wife is sleeping under the covers with an eye mask on. Although she is barely paying any attention to him, he continues to discuss his crazy experience. She, on the other hand, is trying to get back to sleep and facing away from him.

In the video, Adam tells her says that someone mixed something in his drink and then the cops came. But, he reveals, that they weren’t really cops, but was a cartoon stripper who gave him a lap dance. When he says that two girls took him to a room for a threesome, Behati removes her eye mask and finally acknowledges him. However, he tells her that nothing happened when she asks him about it.

Upon hearing that, she rolls back over. Adam continues to tell her the event, but she remains unfazed by the details and only asks him if he brought the milk. When he assures her he remembered, she snuggles up to him. They fall asleep together after declaring their love for each other. The video will be debuted on 15th February 2017, by Adam on The Ellen DeGeneres show. He is seen talking about the video in a preview of his appearance. He can be heard saying that he would only make a video if his wife is in agreement and it has to happen literally.

The 37-year old singer married the beautiful Victoria Secret model in 2014 and they had their first child in September last year, who they named Dusty Rose. Adam gushed about his daughter during the interview, saying that she is unbelievable and he loves her completely.    

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