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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7 High Paying Career Opportunities in the Music Industry

The music industry is often looked at as a field with limited career potential for the average person, but that is simply not the case. Many people think when you tell them you are an aspiring musician or pursuing a degree in the arts, that you are either going to be center-stage in the spotlight or a failure.

Over the years we have seen there is a multitude of career paths one can take in the industry that can be very fulfilling and lead to financial success. If you are considering a career in music, take a look at some of the best career options that you can AIMM for.

Lead Singer/Performer/Band – Although this could mean being an international superstar with millions of fans, there are other options when it comes to performing. Many musicians make a successful career by playing in Show Bands or Cover Bands who perform other bands popular songs. The types of gigs usually performed by these musicians include hotels, casinos, night clubs, bars and other smaller venues.

Composer – Composers are responsible for creating original musical scores for a variety of media, including TV, Film, and Video Games. They are also many times responsible for that catchy jingle you can’t seem to get out of your head. The music that composers create is used to set different tones and moods to trigger emotional responses from listeners.

Disc Jockey – DJ’s play music at a variety of different venues, and usually blend their own creations with other artist’s. Instead of playing instruments, you will usually find a DJ mixing tracks in the studio or using vinyl and turntables to create unique variations of popular music.

Songwriter or Lyricist – Songwriters and Lyricists are responsible for writing the words or lyrics for songs. Many of today’s most popular artists have teams of Songwriters and Lyricists working for them that are responsible for countless hits.

Sound Engineer – Sound Engineers are the ones responsible for putting together the different elements of songs and making the sound quality as high as possible. They work in studios, often with musicians where they use advanced equipment and software to edit tracks and get the final polished product.  

Music Producer – A Music Producer is a versatile individual that performs many different functions in creating music. They are experts at writing, arranging, editing, and recording music for the musicians they work with.

Studio Musician – Studio Musicians are musicians that play music in studios for a variety of different projects. They will play music that is used in commercials or is played in the background of popular songs. Many of these musicians are multi-talented and can play a variety of instruments.

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