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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ed Sheeran To Release His Third Album In March

The English singer Ed Sheeran is reportedly going to release his third album in the first quarter of this year. His hotly anticipating album "Divide" has a release date of March 3, 2017 and the songwriter is very excited about his third offering to the fans. The singer also shared the track listing on his various social media accounts to set his followers into a frenzy environment before the new offering is dropped to the market.

Ed Sheeran has already released a few singles from his new album. “Castle on the hills” is one of two singles that are available with digital downloads while fans have also downloaded another single “shape of you" from his album right after its digital release. Ed says he is really thankful to his fans as they always have supported him. They are supporting him this time as well and have given a warm welcome to his new music.

According to Ed Sheeran, he has received an absolute mind-blowing reaction to his new singles and he has no enough words to thank his fans for that. The singer released a statement in which he said his new music has a very special place in his heart and he really believes this is his best work up till now. He also said that he has been very eager to give a comeback and he just couldn't be jumping into more excitement for March 03 than he is at the moment.

The 25-year-old star has recently given an interview to a local radio host in which he admitted to have not bothered if he is not going to have his new music become a hit with his fans because he has already received lots of praises and lauds from the music idols. He told the Britain Radio X that he can still recall how Van Morrison was telling him that he loves him a lot. Besides, Eric Clapton also praised Ed for his music when he was invited for a dinner at the house of the British musician.

Ed says Eric Clapton and Van Morrison are the two people who got him started with music industry and they like him. The singer says he doesn't care about someone who he has never met. He doesn't know others' opinion about him and he doesn't even know them as people. But he does know that his favorites like his sound so he doesn't care if he is credible to the public or not, as he is in their world that makes him credible in his world.

The musician earlier in January revealed that he was the writer of Justin Bieber's song "Love Yourself". It was the song that he actually wanted to use for his upcoming album but he chose to pass it over because he was thinking that it was less likely that Justin would have recorded it.

Ed also broke his silence over the matter of his face scar which is not old at all. He revealed that he didn't even have the idea of Prince Andrew's daughter would have cut him with a sword.

The royal princess Beatrice reportedly hurt Ed Sheeran while she was waving a ceremonial blade around during a gathering last year in November and the singer did not know he had been gashed until he was told his shirt was absorbing blood.

The singer told the radio he got wound in the face and he was like “alright” and then he carried on. Afterwards, he looked down at his shirt which was completely covered with blood and everyone was open mouthed at him.

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