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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Niall Horan to Take Break to Work on His First Solo Album

The Irish singer Niall Horan has announced he is taking break all the winter to focus on his first album as a solo singer. The fans are reportedly in great excitement of his upcoming work as solo performer following the announcement of the singer will be off the scene until early months of coming year of 2017 just to work on his debut solo.

Horan is the first current member of boys band "One Direction" who is going to come up as a solo artist as he announced his hard work for upcoming album after he released his first solo "This Town" three months back in September this year. His attempt of presenting himself as a “solo artist” turned out to be a wise decision and he received huge reorganization across the country. The star is now busy with recording new stuff for his debut solo album and expects the same response for his upcoming music.

According to the 23-year-old, he will be disappeared from the limelight until sometime next year in February in order to get his new project done with full attention and complete peace. Horan says he is currently done with eight records deeply and is fully prepared to have more. He shared a hand written note with his fans on his social media account in which he wrote that he wanted to take his time without any pressure to make sure he gets it done just right. He said he is quite “the self-critic” which he likes about himself so he will let his fans know when he is done.

The singer has some performances lined up in the following month which he is due to take out time for before he goes on the break and locks himself in a recording studio. In addition, Horan will be a part of The Tonight Show's new episode that also features Jimmy Fallon. The singer will play on this year's Jingle Ball during his tour to the United States.

Niall Horan will be going to fall off the earth's face after this Christmas and would do one of his disappearing performances. He said he wants to come up with some more ideas for his songs. He would return to his writing area. He wishes his fans and everyone have a lovely Christmas along with a very happy New Year. He said he would see his fans in February next year.

Meanwhile, Niall Horan has previously revealed he was taking his time for recording the album and his fans should not look forward for the ready product until the year of 2018. In September, 2016, the singer appeared on Smallzy' Smalls, a radio show hosted by DJ Kent who is a famous DJ based in Australia. He said his album is near completion as far as yet but he hasn't finished its songwriting yet. He doesn't expect it coming out to the public this year and he even wouldn't look forward to hear it in 2017.

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