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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Taboo of Black Eyed Peas Reveals his Cancer Battle

Taboo, the rapper for Black Eyed Peas, has shared details about his battle with testicular cancer. Back in 2014, the rapper had begun to experience pain in his abdomen and back. However, he had brushed off the symptoms initially as they had seemed flu-like, but had gone to the doctors for a checkup when he was unable to bear the agony. Subsequently, Taboo had been diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer.
He said that he had undergone surgery the very next day, but his battle had only just begun. Everyone, including his bandmates and family, were pretty shocked. Nonetheless,, his bandmate, had immediately gotten in touch with an excellent doctor. With him, Taboo was able to figure out a proper treatment plan as he didn’t have much time. Real name Jaime Luis Gomez, the rapper had to undergo three months of aggressive and intensive chemotherapy. The 41-year-old admitted that there were times he thought he couldn’t go on, but his inspiration turned out to be sports figures who had undergone the same issues.
He said that he chose to channel his energy into the one thing that keeps him focused and alive; music. Taboo said that his purpose of sharing his story was to inspire others in the same way he had been inspired. He refused to discuss his health battle with fans until he had reached a bit stronger side. Instead, he decided to focus on writing songs about his struggle with cancer. He revealed that he had kept fading in and out due to chemo, but his team had helped him focus as they knew it was important.
Now, Taboo has joined hands with the American Cancer Society to launch a campaign called The Fight. He is also releasing a new song, which is titled Fight. He asserted that he had been free of cancer for the last two years, but the battle is ongoing as there are millions of others dealing with the same issue. The Black Eyed Peas rapper said that he just wanted to show them that they should fight rather than curling up into a ball and hiding.

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