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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kelly Clarkson Says Her Husband wasn't Happy With Her Pregnancy Announcement

Kelly Clarkson caused her husband Brandon Blackstock get upset after announcing her pregnancy in public in 2015. Her husband did not like the announcement she made during a live gig in Los Angeles as he wasn't feeling himself coming with the news publicly.

The singer became the mother of a cute baby boy earlier this year in April. She says her husband wasn't happy when she revealed her pregnancy to her fans in August's concert though he was very happy on their son Remington's birth.

The Piece by Piece hit-maker says she felt really emotional while playing one of her soulful songs at the concert held last year in August. It, in fact, made her recall her tensed relationship with her parents and she became emotional missing them particularly her father. She then addressed the crowd present at the Staples Center, Los Angeles and said she was expecting another baby with her husband Brandon Blackstock and it was their second child to come.

Following the announcement, the video footage covering the part when Kelly was talking to the audience became viral on the internet. Addressing the concertgoers, the star said she did not plan on announcing about that but it was true that she was totally pregnant. She also excused her husband saying that she would like to apologize to her husband Brandon Blackstock. It wasn't really planned but she did it just because she did not want the audience think that she was fanatical or something.

She continued telling the audience that she was feeling so hormonal that day, and the honest thing was that she had nothing wrong with her and everything was just great. She hadn't vomited till the time she was performing live at the concert and she felt it was a freaking win for her.

Kelly had an online conversation with Tyler Oakley last week in which she admitted that the announcement of her pregnancy turned out to be a shock to Brandon Blackstock who then told her that she seriously couldn't keep anything in. And even their whole family was unaware of the news she had announced in public.

The songster says she then told her husband that she did it as she just thought that her fans were going to think about her in either way. Since she was so emotional, those people could think that she was crazy or something. Kelly says she has super pregnancy moments where she feels everything 100 times more intense than other pregnant women.

Kelly is the mother of two kids and is also looking after her husband's kids from his previous relationship. She insists she has no further plans for more children and Remington would be her last child as both of her pregnancies had been tough for her. She says she would not be having any more children unless someone has died and has given them their children or something like that. According to the singer, she has planned this because of the miserable pregnancies she has had so far.

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