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Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to Play Ukulele in Three Weeks

The ukulele is a musical instrument which belongs to the lute family, commonly referred as “UKE”. One would not believe, this musical instrument exists from the 19th century itself and being played till date.

How to Play Ukulele? Well, it is the basic question anyone could ask, if they will come to know about this instrument because of its symphonic sounds and tune.

Let’s learn how to play ukulele? That too in just three weeks, sounds amazing.

Anyone interested in Ukulele instruments should follow below steps to learn to play the ukulele in just 3 weeks:

First week

Step1: Different types of Ukulele, Choose one and tune it.

As there are four types of Ukulele available, such as Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone, amongst four of them Soprano is the first instrument which was developed so needs to learn and practice first Soprano or else it depends upon your taste and preferences, you can choose any one. While tuning you have been aware of the tunes of Ukulele GCEA, the tunes are arranged in chronological order, If you are holding the instrument so from your end, the first tuning is G, C, E, A respectively. Listen and play because it will help you to learn more as you loosen or tighten the peg different tunings will be heard.

After choosing the instrument tune properly, otherwise sounds of the instrument is so horrifying which lead you to run away from the instrument.

So after choosing it, proper tuning of the ukulele musical instrument is must.

Step2: How to hold Ukulele? Learn it.

Most important is to hold the Ukulele because there is a technique behind to hold the ukulele, you must learn it properly because the performance with the ukulele which you will give should be the best one. Some prefer to place it on lap, some under the forearm, it depends totally upon you how to hold it? So experiment freely and make your own unique style of holding the Ukulele which makes you comfortable and might impress the audience too.

Second week 

Step3: Basic chord, learn, play and practice

After 2 steps, it’s your time to play a chord so let’s start!

Ring finger should be placed on an a string which lies between 2nd and 3rd fret, it will vibrate, just feel it, then pluck the index finger over all the strings, thus you can hear the chord i.e.. Your first chord which you have played, as you have understood keep practicing to enhance your skills and attributes.

Now Step 4: How to strum Ukulele? Learn it.

Ukulele looks like a guitar, but there is a vast difference in both playing. In guitar, you have to strum near sound hole, but in ukulele in order to get the right sound you have to strum a bit higher in the neck portion of the instrument, then you can hear the perfect strum. So learn and practice and then you can try by your own, which one will be the best.

Third week 

Step 5: Play whole songs and Practice

After completing all the above four steps within 2 weeks, in the third week. Try to play the whole songs with the help of the internet or if you have any mentors for the same. Rigorous practice will make much efficient in playing the ukulele.

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