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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Calvin Harris Says It’s Hard To Deal With Aftermath Of Previous Relationship

Calvin Harris is in an odd situation these days as it's been really difficult for him to handle whatever is coming in front of him after breaking up with Taylor Swift. Their split was one of the main headlines on the entertainment page of many newspapers, and media was surprisingly successful to cover every little detail about the story.

His one-year long romance with the American singer started crumbling earlier the year of 2016 which eventually ended up with their split two months back in June.

Though the Scottish DJ was trying to move ahead with a low-profile after the couple parted ways, he admitted it hurt 10 times more by the media coverage worldwide.

He believes it's really hard to deal with the situation when something so personal goes out publicly. Talking to the British GQ, he said he believed the aftermath of his love story was more heavily publicized than the association itself.

Calvin revealed that he and Taylor were trying their best to continue in their love life as normal as possible and that's why they were very cautious for their romance not to be a newspaper's headline. He insisted that Taylor respected his feelings in that regard.

Calvin's interview with the GQ has been marked the first time when he directly addresses his past relationship with the singer. But it has turned spiteful during the summer of 2016 as Taylor has moved on with Tom Hiddleston. In addition, she also unveiled that she penned down some of the lyrics of "This is what you came for", which is DJ's new song in the partnership of Rihanna.

Taylor at first was of the mind to go with a pseudonym "Nils Sjoberg" for the track when she penned it down but later a dispute over the record disclosed the original brain behind the lyrics. Unfortunately, it didn't only reveal the credit was Taylor's but also caused their relationship to come to an end. It was the point from where the relationship was crumbled leading a final spilt of the pair.

The dance music star subsequently logged in to Twitter and cleared up the claims. He acknowledged Taylor’s involvement in his latest song and also took at her publicists that he believed was an attempt to make him "look bad" for concealing her part from the media and their fans. He insisted it was not his decision to keep her role under wraps as she herself decided to go with a pseudonym for the track.

However, after a month of using Twitter to attack Taylor, the singer now regrets for what he did. He says his instinct was totally wrong but he was just trying to protect himself when he saw his one of talents in the world was being belittled. He said he felt like things were piled on top of him and it was the point when he snapped.

Calvin believes he is not a good person to be a celebrity but whatever happened in his relationship with Taylor and after that just broke loose. He confessed his post on the social media was a result of his succumbing to pressure. However, it didn't take him more than a minute to realize that none of that really matters as he is a positive person.

News are also swirling that he has buried the Taylor story and is rumored to be in romance with Eiza Gonzalez. The new couple was spotted out in Los Angeles over the weekend. Interestingly, the rumors of his new relationship were emerging a day before Taylor was flashed in the news with the reports revealing her three-month love association with the British actor is already ended.

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