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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kesha Can't Wait To Have Her Beloved Jacket Back

The pop singer Kesha has given her fans a bold kiss offer for finding her favorite custom jacket which she claims to have stolen in her makeup room. However, the fans need not to be really excited as she has put a timer on her offer. Her video clip clearly says she wants it for her next gig which is going to be held some hours after she posted the video.

The 29-year-old has to go live in Cleveland but she has missed an important piece of her wardrobe for the concert. It's a beloved jacket which she loves to wear during her performances. Kesha signed in to her Instagram account to post an expletive-ridden footage earlier this week. Using the proper acting skills, the singer claimed that she has lost her suit jacket which she doubts has been stolen from her makeup room. She pleaded her viewers to find it for her and return her before she goes ahead for her next concert.

Describing the jacket, the singer said her jacket is of black color and has a tiger on its back alongside a rainbow on it. Kesha said she is just showing it up on Instagram and if anyone can get her the jacket she actually doesn't know what she would do but she believes she is going to kiss the one who finds her jacket. Kesha insisted she needed it for her next gig. She offered something great for the one who gets her the lost suit. Kesha ended the recording with typical celebrity style by saying she loves all and bye.

Kesha in her video caption told the viewers that she promises to be "eternally grateful" to the one who will find her favorite clothing piece.  She then took them to an image of the suit where was posted on one of her fans' page on the social media almost an hour back. The singer also asked the user where he saw the snap.

Since the moment, Kesha directed her viewers to her fan page having the picture of the jacket; everyone is accusing him of stealing it. However, her fan denies the accusation and has been sending private messages to the singer protesting his innocence.

Kesha recently performed in Cleveland, Ohio last night. The gig was the part of her summer tour which will conclude in Kentucky on August, 23, 2016. The series of Kesha's ongoing concerts is an important move in her career as this is her first proper musical tour after she lost her court appeal earlier this year in which she wrote she wanted the court to terminate the her legal agreement with Kemosabe Records and Sony Music. She stressed she was not comfortable working with Dr. Luke who she accuses of physical and emotional abuse, so she wanted to be free from the contract.

On the other hand, Dr. Luke who seems winning the legal battle between him and the singer has already denied the allegations. Kesha lately decided to drop the legal suit in LA in order to be more focused to her career but the case is still in process in New York.

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