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Thursday, August 4, 2016

John Newman Is Prepared To Battle His Returning Tumor

The British singer John Newman is fighting cancer these days as his brain tumor returns after four years of previous treatment. Reports confirm that the singer is diagnosed with cancerous cells and has been recommended to have a surgery and subsequent radio therapy by the next year.

John was originally discovered with a small tumor in brain in 2012 and was getting a proper treatment for the deadly disease. The neurosurgeons removed his tumor through his nose which the singer earlier described as being completely bloody mental.

The 26-year-old musician knows about his tumor but wants to keep it under wraps for some reasons. He wants only a few who are closest to him be aware about his condition. These closest people include his mother, brother and a few of loyal friends.

Fortunately, the tumor has stopped at growth and has hanged on the same size for a while and this is a positive thing as John can wait for his surgery until next year. The next step after the surgery will include multiple sessions of radio therapy so he will need to take a few months off to go through the process and restore his health.

However, it is not an easy thing for someone to go through the same dreadful moments fighting pain and fear. Four years don’t make a big time to get out of something terrible and which is why, John is advised to be a lot  calmer even though he is feeling emotionally drained after this diagnose.

His close friends say John was really petrified and started to shack when he came to know that he was diagnosed with cancer for the first time four years back but this time he seems to be braver and calmer. They said he is not frightened this time and it may be because he has been through all that some time ago so he is comforting with this.

The songster is also comfortable with his medical team so he doesn’t panic while he is there for frequent MRI scans. He knows patients like him can feel weak and experience fits. He is also ready to deal with if there is a difficulty in walk and speech problems. Although the singer is trying hard to stay positive but it is really emotionally tough time for him.

The star’s latest track was ‘Ole’ was a single which turned out to be another hit like his previous three singles. Gossips are there saying he has started telling his associates that though he will need to take some time off in 2017 for a surgery and a subsequent radiotherapy, he is sure he won’t take much time for his treatment and expects to come back as soon as possible.

John says his job makes him cheerful and he really enjoys his success and is very happy for it. For this spot, he says he has been monitored constantly from the time when he had the tumor removed.  He added he knows there is always a probability of a tumor being returned and it is unfortunate that he has got it again. However, he is prepared to get through it and will return soon with more music. 

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