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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jhene Aiko To Split From Her Husband After 11-Month Marriage

Jhene Aiko has reportedly filed divorce in the local court earlier this week. She secretly tied knot with producer Dot da Genius in the end of last year. The singer has listed incompatible differences as the reason for she wants to part her way. She also has in mind to ask the judge to disagree with her husband’s spousal support.

Rumors are also there saying the singer was also linked with Big Sean and she also has been making some music pieces with him. Both the stars have denied any kind of relationship between them. They say they are professional partners and make music with each other and the only thing between them is their music.

However, the moment her divorce news is out, it actually has become an interesting topic giving the media as well as their fans an opportunity to begin with new chitchat. And her fans are looking forward for the songster to finally come clean declaring there is something special between her and the collaborator.

Jhene’s marriage with Dot was a surprise for everyone. She broke lots of hearts with revealing she was actually married and even let many eyebrows rising on the news. All it happened because the soulful singer never gave any hints of being in a relationship but eventually came up with news of getting married behind closed doors. Later, Dot revealed they were married in a congratulatory post on Twitter. The former couple is parents of a 7-year-old daughter. However, the divorce after an eleventh month marriage seemingly proving that it was nothing more than a storm in the tea cup.

Another interesting thing about the matter is the divorce documents that read as the former celebrity couple got married on July 26, 2017 and separated last year in June.  Though it’s adverse that Jhene decided to divorce her husband after a short-lived married life, the fact the 28-year-old has filed for split confirms that she was really matrimonial. People were already hearing speculations about her link with Dot from the beginning of her career while her collaboration with Big Sean only fueled the gossips the duo was dating further.

Both Jhene and Sean insisted they either were single or strictly company for a major part of the following year while posing with each other in pictures that made their fans raising questions otherwise.  It is also possible that the fans of their joint venture will be celebrating a new and really big announcement in coming time. However, they both haven’t yet commented anything officially on Jhene’s divorce.

The TWENTY88 association is another story and they are the one who know the reality behind their relationship which is rumored to have promoted the break up. They not only work with each other but also have kissed each other before a live audience in Anaheim which off course promoted lots of people speculate about the couple. However, Jhene says she always appreciates Sean’s personality and musicianship and he is one of his favorite people that she has met during her journey as a singer. 

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