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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Here’s a Guide to Singing in Tune and Pleasing People’s Ears

Those who are about to start singing or the ones who are currently singing might be worried how to sing in tune. Of course, for any musical piece in the world the instruments making the music should be in tune. Your throat is a natural musical instrument as well. Guitars, pianos, banjos, ukuleles, etc. are various types of instruments that need to be tuned before you can play them on your songs. The best way to learn about tuning is to train your ears on various pitches. You should be able to hear a pitch and match your sound with it easily.

Most of the great singers in the world start out with some instrument. Even in the eastern parts of the world the classical singers will sit with a harmonium even when they are performing live in order to keep their voices in tune. These singers would always wake up in the morning and practice with a harmonium to train their throat to make the most accurate notes possible. However, there are many other methods to learn how to sing in tune other than that. Here are some methods you can try to improve your singing voice and sing in tune:

Get to Learn The Right Notes

Rather than only focusing on how you are sounding, your focus should be on the notes you are going to sing. You can only know that you are not singing in tune after comparing your notes with the actual notes of the song. Most people would often be a little sharp or too flat while singing. When they sing sharp it means they are one step higher than the actual note. On the other hand, when they sing flat they are a step lower than the actual note. As a result, they don’t sound really good.

If you are trying to sing a song it is best that you match your voice with every note of the song. After matching your voice with the song and singing it many times, you will be able to experiment with your voice as well. Use softwares that can mute the music behind a song and let you hear the vocals more clearly. Record your voice and see if your voice and pitch match the voice and pitch of the song you are singing. So, when you want to sing in tune, make sure you are paying full attention to the note that you want to sing.

Do Some Warming Up Before You Sing

Do whatever breathing exercises you know and sing some mediocre songs before you sing the song that you want to practice. Also, sing the song that you have to sing on the stage many times before singing it. Sometimes, you are not able to hit the right notes because your throat is not prepared to do that. For example, a motorcycle might not start when its engine is cold and you might have to start it with multiple kicks. Warming up will prepare your throat for all the different types of notes. In addition to practicing with breathing and notes, you should warm yourself up on your instruments too. Make sure you have best electric ukuleles, guitars, etc.

Bring Some Emotions In Your Songs

Sometimes there are notes in songs that are not very high but you are still having a hard time to hit them. If you want to learn how to sing in tune better and hit those notes, you will have to work on your emotions more than your vocals. Some notes are only hit when you are singing with emotions and that’s what great singers are known for. If there is a note that the singer has sung with a sobbing voice, you might have to go in that mood to hit those notes. It’s not just a myth but you will really not be able to hit the right notes if you don’t put emotions into your singing.

Breathing Method Learning

Another important thing to know how to sing in tune naturally is to know the proper breathing method. Most people in the world believe that their diaphragm has to bulge and their shoulders have to rise when they breathe but that’s not true. When you breathe properly you will feel the air filling your stomach and sides of your back. Furthermore, you should know when to take a deep breath in a song in order to hit the right notes. Sometimes, you are not able to hit the proper note because you are naturally saving the air in your lungs from passing out completely to end your sentence without breaking it.

Build Up Some Confidence

It does not matter how much you want to learn how to sing in tune, you won’t be able to do it unless you have the right confidence to sing. In fact, this is also the key to learn how to sing in tune naturally. You won’t sound natural and effortless while hitting those high and difficult notes when you are not confident. The true judges will be able to hear the shaking in your voice. At the same time, you will go into that note slower than you should when you are not feeling confident. Many a great singer have lost their magic just because they lost their confidence after a few bad performances. You could hear the live performances of Christina Aguilera’s “hurt” and see how there are particular parts of the song where she never hits the notes she has originally sung on the studio version of the song only because of lack of confidence.

Have A Trainer

The best way to learn how to sing in tune better is to have someone with you who can tell you when you are not singing in tune. You can’t have recorded songs and your smartphone with you at all times. Furthermore, the process of constantly repeating a particular part of the song could be quite tiring and irritating. There are several online singing coaches with complete singing programs that can help you in singing in tune. If you have problems with singing in tune, you will have to prepare to be pointed out several times while singing and endure it patience. 

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