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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Want to Be Vulnerable

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young have parted ways and the singer is trying to recover from the emotional shock she has had following this breakup.

Iggy has been facing lots of criticism for various issues taking place in her life since last year. She was also accused for cultural misappropriation and stayed in headlines for long time. Moreover, she got into social media disputes with Snoop Dogg and Banks, and was criticized a lot.

A few months before, some online trolls attacked on the star. And now the news of her spilt with boyfriend is swirling in the media hence making her stay in limelight again. Her bad luck in love has already deceived her when she was engaged with Nick Young.  However, Iggy says she is a strong soul and hates being weak for any reason.  In an interview the songwriter admits she doesn’t like to appear vulnerable.

Reports suggest Iggy and Nick are finally separated. Though Iggy had already battled her spilt with the basketball player a few months back, she takes July to confirm she has left Nick. Apparently, the security video recording is the reason behind this breakup in which Nick was trying to cheat on her.

According to sources, Iggy doesn’t want anyone to talk about her breakup or take her as a week person. Though the spilt is an emotional shock in the rapper’s life because she really loved Nick, she isn’t letting even her closest friends and family members to see her at this stage.

Iggy’s latest interview was published in a local magazine in which she told the interviewer that she is tough and a strong person but at this time, she does not want to appear vulnerable even around her own parents .She insisted she gets lots more criticism than any other celebrity in the music industry which is not even dubious. And there is not anything awful left she hasn’t heard people are saying about her.

Iggy has a new album to come up very soon. “Digital Distortion” will be her next melodic presentation and she is very optimistic for its success. The rapper is also looking forward to do films and television. She told the interviewer she would be getting into production in a few years as well and for that she has films and television series in mind.

Besides this interview, Iggy also took to talk to her fans. She wrote on Twitter that she feels like she was just kicked out of an airplane without a parachute. She admitted she struggled a lot when she was working on The X Factor Australia. She said it was the time when she was reeling from the breakup.

Rumors say the rapper broke her engagement with Nick last month as she came to know that Keonna Green has got pregnant with his second child. However, Iggy clarified the reason behind this breakup on Twitter saying she broke up with Nick because she found he had brought other girl to their home when she was not there and caught him in the footage (taken from security camera recording). 

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