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Monday, June 27, 2016

Kevin Jonas and Wife Danielle Will Soon Welcome Another Baby Girl

Singer Kevin Jonas announced that he and his wife Danielle will soon become proud parents of another baby girl. It was in 2014 that the couple welcomed their first little girl Alena Rose and they confirmed the second pregnancy in April. The joke-loving duo played a game with their fans on social media by inviting their Instagram followers to guess the gender of the unborn child. On Saturday, Kevin had posted a picture of two M&M candy jars in which one was labeled as nuts and the other as no nuts. The tags created a pun on words alluding to the gender of their future baby.

Fans poured in their suggestions and the couple ended the game on Monday by confirming the gender of their child through separate posts on Instagram. Kevin is quite pleased as the former Jonas Brothers musician said last month that he had always wanted to father two little ladies. He said that he wanted a healthy baby, but he leaned more towards girls. When his wife asked him why, he told her that he had been surrounded by boys for his entire life and now he wanted girls. He also added that they were having a tough time with boy names.    

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  1. Alena is so adorable! Takes after her dad in the looks department. Congratulations on baby#2! I’m in my second trimester, found out that I am pregnant thru those free ttckit tests with our first. We’re probably due around the same time if she waited to announce after the first trimester.


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