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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pink Turned on Prince at his Refusal to Collaborate

When she was at the starting of her pop career, Pink lashed out at Prince when he was trying to assist her in masterminding her success and this is something she will always regret. It was revealed by the Trouble singer that the Purple Rain hitmaker, who suffered from an untimely demise last week on 21st April, 2016, had turned down her offer to record with her and she hadn’t been very pleased with his response. On Thursday morning, during a radio interview, the singer recalled the encounter and said that she had an argument with Prince once over owning your own original recordings.

She said that when she had talked to him about collaboration, he asked her if she owned her original tracks. She had informed him that she had a record deal so it was a bit early for her to ask for the masters. He answered that she call him when she got it and this had made her angry and she lashed out at him before going on stage. Pink said that she had been young at that time, only 19, so she didn’t really see people from good places.

However, when she heard the news of his death, she had been devastated like thousands of other music fans. Pink said that with stars like David Bowie, Prince and others gone, the music world had lost a lot of gems in this year and this would really leave a hole because these people are irreplaceable. Meanwhile, actor Larenz Tate, husband of Tomasina Parrott, the choreographer/dancer who had toured with the Prince once, said that when he had heard about the death of his music idol, he felt as if the world stopped.

He said that when he first met his wife, she had been on tour with Prince for 19 months and he was simply incredible. He added that his wife had told him that he could play every possible instrument and he was the smartest guy in the room even when surrounded by other incredible musicians. Nonetheless, Tate’s love life had been terribly affected due to Prince’s work ethic. This is because after a concert was done, they would go to an after-party and then to an after-after-party and they would still be going at like five or six in the morning. When he would call his wife, she would say that Prince wasn’t done yet. 

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