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Monday, March 14, 2016

BugsGear Travel Ukulele Review: Convenient and Useful

Plastic ukuleles are both modern and retro. Back in the 1950s, they enjoyed a lot of popular as numerous brands had their own plastic ukuleles. Fast-forward 60 years, it seems that these plastic instruments are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. There are a number of reasons why plastic ukuleles have become the top choice of people these days.

Whether you take them camping, give them to a kid or throw it on the couch, there is no need to worry about plastic ukuleles. If you are looking for one of the best ukuleles available today, you should look no farther than the BugsGear Travel Ukulele.

This is a durable and sturdy ukulele for adults and children alike. If you are going somewhere wet, the BugsGear Travel Ukulele can accompany you without any problems. You can find it in a wide array of interesting and fun colors. There are some really bright colors such as neon green and black. The best part is that it is difficult to guess that the ukulele is made of plastic just by looking at it. Also known as the Aquele, the ukulele is 21 inches long and is Soprano in size. The depth of the ukulele around the body is approximately 2.75 inches and it is quite thick in the middle.

Another useful feature of this particular ukulele is that its bridge is ideal for the beginner. While it comes already strung, you have the option of changing the strings by simply tying a knot on one end and then slipping it into the slot on the bridge. Stainless steel has been used in the tuning gear to make it water resistant. The BugsGear Aquele is made out of ABS plastic, which makes it highly resistant to temperature and humidity. Even if it is submerged in water, you will find that it plays just fine.

There is another selling point inside the body of the ukulele; as compared to others in the market, its internal bracing is considerably stronger. This means that the body will be able to withstand a lot of abuse and will not be damaged easily if it is smacked around. It can be a good thing when you are planning to share the ukulele with your kids. The oversized off-center sound hole is also one of the features that make the BugsGear Travel ukulele interesting and unique. This is to provide the small ukulele with greater projection and volume and it is indeed quite loud.

There is an interesting cut to the fretboard, which gives you access to the A string all the way to 18 frets. This is quite new for a Soprano ukulele. The price point of the ukulele falls between $40 and $50, which means it offers incredible value for money. It also comes with a free gig bag, which has a zipper pocket, handle and strap. While the sound of the plastic ukulele is not the same as wood, it is not a toy and can give you a good trade off in terms of water resistance and durability. 

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