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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Iggy Promises Fans a New Powerful Tour

Iggy Azalea has promised fans that she will not get ‘burnt out again’ when she performs her new music. The Australian star is getting ready to release her second album later this year, which is called Digital Distortion and the singer has already teased her fans with some new songs from the record. The rapper had cancelled her tour in May of last year and she revealed that she had had a change of heart. The Great Escape Tour had been cancelled by the singer for taking a break and recuperating.

Now, Iggy seems to have found her true sound and has gathered her thoughts so she is determined to do justice to her fans after she had let them down previously. She told a fan on Twitter that she would going on lots of shows for promoting her music and it makes her feel good when songs are heard by someone new. She also said that she preferred going on shows where she could sing and perform rather than talk. In her opinion, live performances are better because the sound can reach new ears and this gives her balance and prevents another burnout.

A follower pointed out to the singer that she would be able to interact on a personal level with people through her new album. She replied that she was looking forward to doing some fun things again. The singer confirmed that some shows have been booked, but said that the dates would be announced later. When a Twitter user confronted her about the meaning of the term ‘burnout’, she said the record straight by saying that it referred to mental and physical exhaustion.

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