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Sunday, January 24, 2016

David Bowie Gets his Own Constellation

Following the death of David Bowie last week from cancer, Belgian astronomers announced that he has been given his own constellation. The registration of the constellation was announced, which stated that it sits in the vicinity of Mars. It comprises of about seven stars, which are in the shape of a lightning bolt. This is a fitting homage to the 69-year old artist who had taken inspiration from the universe throughout his music career.

The artist’s single titled Space Oddity brought him into the limelight and then he crafted a persona of an extra-terrestrial rock star for himself called Ziggy Stardust. Life on Mars and Starman were some other hits of his career. The cover of the album Aladdin Sane in 1973 boasted David Bowie with a blue and red lightning bold painted on the left side of his face. The constellation was registered by the combined effort of MIRA public observatory and Studio Brussel, the Belgian radio station.

However, it was quite a tough task to find the legendary rock star the right place in the heavens. MIRA observatory’s Phillippe Mollet said that determining the appropriate stars wasn’t easy at all. He said that Studio Brussels had requested for a unique place and they had chosen seven stars in the vicinity of Mars with reference to his numerous albums. The stars include Zeta Centauri, Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis, Alpha Virginis, SAA 204 132, Spica and Sigma Librae. It was recorded at the exact time of his death.

This constellation is another part of the Stardust for Bowie tribute project where Google Sky can be used by fans for adding their favorite songs by Bowie along with a short note to the constellation’s virtual version. The musician took his last breath on January 10th after battling cancer for about 18 months. 

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