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Monday, December 7, 2015

Nathan Sykes and Liam Payne are Eager to Collaborate

The Wanted singer and the 22 year-old One Direction hunk have been locked in a bitter rivalry in the past, but both of them have decided to bury the hatched. In fact, the two are now heading for the studio. The 22 year-old Nathan Skykes said that he had asked Liam about working together and he was looking forward to it once they get incorporate it into their schedule. Fans will undoubtedly be surprised to find out that the pair are planning to create some music together as there has been a long-running feud amongst the two bands.

The war between the five-piece and One Direction was kicked off by Louis Tomlinson, Liam’s band mate. Louis had used the words ‘little girl’ for Tom Parker and the latter had made fun of his voice. However, it seems that they have decided to forgive and forget the spat and Nathan is happy that they can get along. He said that the issue was a couple of years ago and they were all adults.

Nathan said that he wasn’t a fan of confrontations so it was great to meet them on a friendly level. He stated that it was a relief to know that they could be friends and they had shared quite a few laughs about it. Meanwhile, it was announced by The Wanted that they would be going on an extended hiatus before they join forces again in the near feature. Incidentally, One Direction have also made the decision of going their separate ways for a while to work on their solo projects. 

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