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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why I Chose a PRS Guitar

My parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said I wanted an electric guitar. I have only been playing guitar for about a year. I am really dedicated to practicing and I want to get better. That is the name of my game. Doubtful I will ever turn into a guitar god at this rate, but that was never really the goal. I just love it.

It was nice that they let me pick the guitar I wanted. We searched on craigslist and Ebay. I was interested in a '76 vintage Fender for a bit. We also looked in our local music shops. For months I waited to find a guitar that looked right for me, one that I really wanted. Cost played a role, too, so I had to be really careful to find exactly what I needed for a price that we could afford.

Besides the Fender, I already knew that Paul Reed Smith guitars were amazing. I'm a big fan of Santana and I figured that owning a PRS would be great. But, I knew I couldn't afford the full-custom experience. Yet.

Looking further, we found that we could get an SE edition for less because they are made in Korea instead of in the US. I didn't care too much about that; the PRS custom SE Guitars has SE HFS and SE vintage bass pickups. Choose Plus, they just look cool. They all do. You would think it would have been hard to just one and it kind of was.

I could have gone with any guitar but I wanted a guitar that I *wanted* to play. I didn't want to make it harder on myself than learning has to be. I wanted practice to be a joy. Each time I walk up to my PRS SE, it is like it jumps into my hands. I feel like I have learned so much more quickly because I actually got the guitar I wanted. I feel like it actually picked me.

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