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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sister Sledge will Play for the Pope

At a special global gathering for the 2015 event of The World Meeting of Families, Sister Sledge, recognized as one of the most iconic and renowned female music groups of all time, will give a performance for the benefit of Pope Francis. The event will take place on the 26th September, 2015 in the culturally-rich US city of Philadelphia. The event will be first ever visit of Pope Francis to the United States of America.

Families all over the world will come together in Philadelphia for The World Meeting of Families event where a series of thought-provoking debates and special prayer-led activities will be performed. This event is held after every three years and ‘Love is our Mission: The Family Fully Alive’ is its theme. This is perfectly in line with the image and persona of Sister Sledge and also their defining message, which is ‘Nothing is Greater than Love’. The music group has stood by this belief throughout their career.

The group has gained international recognition due to various records that have won multiple awards such as ‘Lost in Music’, ‘We are Family’ and ‘Thinking of You’. During the Pope’s visit, a special and exclusive rendition of the song ‘We are Family’ will be performed by the group. Since the song was released, it has become the peace mantra worldwide and has been digitally downloaded 1 billion times. In a statement regarding their performance at the event, the group said that they were honored to have the opportunity to perform for Pope Francis.

They also said that The World Meeting of Families is a unique and special event that draws families from all over the globe in a bond of unity, solidarity and love. They said that they supported the ideals of Pope Francis concerning family, equality and human rights and were pleased that their hometown had been chosen by the religious icon for showing the world the significance of love, faith and family.

Sister Sledge has performed all over the world to capacity crowds and remain in the international spotlight. Currently, they are working on a new and exciting music campaign, which will empower and inspire people and communicate their passion about love and family. An array of performers will join Sister Sledge for performing at the event, which include Aretha Franklin, Juanes, Matt Maher, The Fray, Andrea Bocelli, Marie Miller, Jim Gaffgan and The Philadelphia Orchestra and host Mark Wahlberg. 

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