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Saturday, August 29, 2015

One Direction to Go in Different Directions

Image courtesy of julochka via Flickr

Couple of days ago, the sound of thousands of heart breaking and shattering into pieces could be heard all over the world as reports from a tabloid, The Sun, announced that British boy band One Direction would be taking a ‘break’. It is a moment that every fan dreads, but it remains inevitable as it has happened to the likes of Spice Girls, Take That and The Beatles. The band are set to go on a hiatus in March, but it is not necessarily a permanent split as the promise of lucrative reunion tours often draws back band members.

The teen idol sensations, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, are set to part ways for a year in March 2016 as they wish to focus on solo projects. A source close to the band told the Sun that they have been together for five years, which is quite long for a boy band. Therefore, they need some time to work on their own thing and there is absolutely no bad blood between the four. It is not a permanent split as they intend to get back together and all of them are 100% behind the decision. The fifth album of the band will have no tour.

This means that their last full concert, at least for now, will be on 31st October at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena. The millions of fans will get the opportunity to see their favorite singers in a string of performances and TV spots, which are already penciled in for the year and will go ahead in March. The boys will take a break during the holiday season, but they will come together in February for finishing their professional commitments for the record label. An unnamed source said that this had been the plan and was going to happen ‘with or without’ Zayn Malik who left the group in March.

The source said that they would have wanted him to stay with the band, but this hiatus was going to happen either way. It is believed that the decision of taking a break and not touring was made last weekend in London. It would give band members the opportunity of taking their money-spinning careers on completely different paths and the talks regarding this journey would begin soon. According to the stores, Hollywood has shown ‘a lot of interest’ in Harry Styles whereas Tomlinson might take up on the role of judge on the X Factor next year.

All of the members have a huge number of options at their disposal. Payne may want to work on his producing, songwriting and DJ skills instead of taking up a solo career. In March, after Malik’s departure, there had been rumors about the band splitting up, which had been quashed by the other members. After the shocking announcement, they had vowed to go on as a four-piece as Malik wanted to live as a ‘normal’ 22-year-old. When the flood of reports hinted at their breakup, Payne took to Twitter for thanking their devoted fans who had stood up for them and not considered them as finished.

Bradford-born Zayn Malik is rumored to be working on his solo album with Naughty Boy, the acclaimed music producer, who has worked with several renowned artists including Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole and Emeli Sande. The band emerged in X Factor’s 2010 series and it has topped charts worldwide since then. The four band members are said to be worth £25 million each. A spokesperson of the band was questioned about the matter, but refused to comment on the ongoing speculation about the band’s future. 

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