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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Genres of Music and Piercings

Most of us think of heavy metal and punk bands as the music genres that would display piercings. However, piercing has hit the mainstream and there are definitely all music genres displaying various types of piercings. There are even those wearing gauges and other decorations to display their unique style. The difference is that when a celebrity makes a new trend, you can guarantee that others will follow suit.


When we think about country music, we think of cowboy hats and boots and big pickup trucks. But there are several country stars that rock piercings. Jason Aldean is one country star who has his ears pierced, multiple times. Brantley Gilbert is another singer who also has pierced ears, in a pretty decent gauge. The whole band, Parmalee, has their ears pierced as well. Kelly Clarkson also has ear piercing and a nose stud.


Pop singers are also known for their piercings. Britney Spears had her ears, nose, and belly button pierced. Kesha has a nose ring that she wears to flaunt her unique style. Janet Jackson had quite a few piercings, including her nipples, belly button, ears, septum, and apparently her lady parts. Lady Gaga flashed her pierced lady parts by accident and showed us what she likes pierced. Pink has her nose and nipples pierced with rings. One of the singers from 5 seconds of summer, Luke Hemmings, has his lip pierced with a ring. His bandmate, Michael Clifford, has his ears and eyebrow pierced. Miley Cyrus has her ears pierced multiple times and her nose too. Demi Lovato has her nose pierced with a cute stud. Christina Aguilera had a nose piercing and a labret stud below her bottom lip.

R & B

Beyonce, who is the queen of R & B at the moment, is a celebrity with ear piercings and a belly button piercing. Lil’ Kim had her nose and her belly button pierced back in the day. Rihanna has her nipples pierced and has displayed them on the cover of a magazine. Fergie has her eyebrow pierced with a barbell piercing. Jordin Sparks has her septum pierced with a ring and a stud in her nose. Travie McCoy has a septum piercing and pretty large gauge plugs. Lenny Kravitz has several cartilage ear piercings and a nose ring.


Now, we get to the rockers, that we expect to see piercings on and they don’t disappoint. Dave Navarro from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has matching ear and nipple piercings with the captive bead rings. Tommy Lee, from Motley Crue, has an eyebrow piercing and ear plugs.

All of these genres have piercings and show their own personal style, regardless of the type of music they sing. All of the music may be different, but their love for piercings and personal style may be the one they share in common along with the love of music. Find your own personal style and determine the piercing that is meant for you to show to the world or keep hidden if need be.

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