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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Bluetooth Speakers

The trend is on for Bluetooth speakers. More and more young people are going for Bluetooth speakers because these new gadgets are serving their needs well. Music is part of almost any person’s life on earth today. You could not imagine a party or gathering without music. The old speakers with their many wires are quite a cumbersome thing today. You get tangled up in their wires while walking and they don’t allow you to carry them with you when you are out on picnic with your friends – how would you provide power to them to turn on?

When you are buying Bluetooth speakers you should know that they carry batteries in them. You charge them to use them. The battery size of the speakers depends on the size of speakers. However, batteries are not very big because manufacturers have to keep the factor of portability alive as well. Despite the fact that portability factor compels the manufacturers to keep the sizes of the batteries small, you could buy speakers that have great battery timing with just one charge. So, when you are looking for Bluetooth speakers pick the ones that can keep playing through the duration of your party.

Another thing to look carefully at is the range of your Bluetooth speakers. If your speakers can’t play at a distance of 10 feet what’s the point in buying wireless speakers? Wired speakers with long cables could easily allow you to put them separately at a distance of 10 feet. When you are looking for Bluetooth speakers pick the ones that will play at a distance of more than 20 feet easily. There are speakers with 30ft range so that will give you a lot of freedom of where your device is and where you put your speakers.

Sound quality is the understood factor when buying speakers so you need not to be told about that. Still, it is best that you compare the sound qualities of various speakers and pick the one that is not only loud but also has good sound quality. Loud is not always better and too much bass can overshadow rest of the instruments being played in a music track. Your speakers should also have some good looks. It would be even better if you could buy a pair that is environment friendly. Lastly, look for any additional items that are included with your package.

It can become a challenge to find something that meets all your requirements but there are surely some companies that are doing that. Have a look at EcoBeat for example. This company is taking into consideration every aspect while making its Bluetooth speakers e.g. design, sound quality, range of Bluetooth, battery life, eco-friendliness etc. Their Bluetooth speakers are made from bamboo. Bamboo grows naturally at such a high growth rate that you cut it today and the next year it would be available in the same quantity – in short, it regenerates. Their speakers have a great battery life, good signal coverage and a must-look design. 

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