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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sonu Nigam To Perform In Africa

Photo courtesy of Marine Asalia via Flickr

Sonu Nigam is an iconic singer of India. He soon is going to present the first two editions of his 40-piece orchestra show 'Klose To My Heart' in South Africa. This will certainly be a heartthrob moment when Nigam will make Africans’ heartbeats faster with his marvelous performance in sometime later in 2015.

South Africa is one of Nigam's favorite places and the 41yrs old singer has desired for a long time to bring his various concepts for a show to South Africa. Nigam Is in Los Angeles these days for a family event and he sent a video message for his fans from there saying "It's always not really easy proposition to land at any country because of having such a big group of musicians and technicians for bringing in, but I promise an variety of nostalgia which you won't forget in a lifetime".

Nigam has been enjoying his different concerts in the US, UK and UAE for last several years where he amazed audiences with his mesmerizing vocal power and an impressive array of his hit songs. All of his shows assemble a band of talented musicians who play an encircling series of musical instruments including violins, drums, keyboards, dholaks and tablas, congos, octapads, guitars, saxophones, trumpeted, and flutes.

On the other the Managing Executive of Sun City, Mike van Vuuren advertized Nigam’s upcoming show a big success of the era. He said “it will be a coup for Sun City, which has previously hosted sold-out shows of the first IIFA Awards in South Africa and a Bollywood Concert featuring Shahrukh Khan and a host of other Bollywood artists in its 5,500-seater SuperBowl”.

Many people from the music world are of view that it will be for the first time when with Nigam's show South African's music lovers could see something like this, as it won't be just the usual six or eight-men group, but a FULL 40-piece ensemble in a spectacle of glow, brightness, and video on arena.

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