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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Benji and Cameron Yearn To Start A Family

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Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz finally reveal their secret married and tell their fans about their next step toward a happy and complete family life. Both Benji and Cameron yearn to have babies in near future and are overjoyed with the new prospect of their togetherness with their own children.

Cameron and Benji are cherished among the most loved couples of the entertainment world. The couple has impressed their fans with their amazing chemistry. They were dating each other for long time but didn't give any clear statement about their relationship. They tied knot in secret several months ago which was lately disclosed when the American vocalist with his actress wife unveiled that he just love to be the father of his children with Cameron.

The 36yrs old guitarist for the band Good Charlotte has a great family and feels himself a lucky man having gotten to experience each bit of the joys that a person can have with a family.

'So I love kids, yeah', Benji was excited to say that.

He enjoys spending time with his wife at his $10 million Beverly Hills mansion, where they tied knot on January 5 while Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, has informed her producers that she wouldn't be available for further movies as she with her spouse is desperately trying for a baby.

The 42yrs old actress and her husband are completely smitten in each other's company. it sounds as if she is taking tremendous measures to begin a complete family life with Benji Meddan.

It's clearly revealed Cameron wants to stay home and enjoy her special time of her existence. The Sources claim that she is determined not to answer the phone no matter whatever amount is offered to the actress.  She has numerous work offers but she is adamant that she does not exist for anything at the moment. According to the sources, the actress has shifted her priorities for 100 percent. She desired to settle down and has achieved her desire. 

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