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Friday, May 1, 2015

Instagram Launches Music Community

Recently, Instagram announced introduced a new official community on its service that’s dedicated to musicians and music and has been given the handle @music. This is the first time that the picture-sharing service has made a dedicated account that’s focused on a single subject, according to the blog post that as published by the Facebook-owned social network on Wednesday morning.

Activity on the social network itself sparked the idea of this new community as a quarter of the most popular accounts made on Instagram these days are those made by musicians. Now, Instagram is aiming to fuel the flames even further as pertaining to the interest of its 300 million plus users in this particular subject. Kevin Systrom, the CEO and founder of Instagram explained that the music community has remained an integral part of the social network.

In the past few years, both big and small artists have joined Instagram revealing their creativity, sharing stories and connecting with their fans. There are lots of popular artists nowadays with accounts on Instagram including Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Madonna, Katy Perry and more. However, even emerging artists are making use of the service as it has become a platform where they can connect with their fan base and widen it.

Alex Suskind, Music Editor Instagram, will head up the new @music community and will cover a wide variety of topics concerning music. This will include music fans, album illustrations, instruments, concerts, studio sessions and more for all kinds of artists, both starts and up-and-coming artists. This account will only have six posts every week and specific hashtags will be used for grouping them into series.

As far as the ‘community’ aspect of the service is concerned, it will include encouraging participation from @music followers not only in the posts and the comments, but also with a music-themed and new monthly hashtag project. This is quite similar to the Weekend Hashtag project that’s currently run by Instagram on its main @Instagram account, only it will be customized in accordance with the music community. There are 60 million followers of the main account and the company uses it for spotlighting creative members of the community. This new community is simply its extension.

The first feature that kicks off the launch of @music is on Questlove. As opposed to other Instagram posts, these community contributions aren’t just a quick video, photo or even a comment. Instead, it comprises of long-form content. For instance, as far as Questlove is concerned, a multi-paragraph article will provide a closer look into the origin story of the artist. The decision of branching into verticals based on the interests of users is an interesting move for the photo-and-video sharing network.

Instagram hadn't launched its own online communities before for engaging the users of its service in a meaningful way. If this @music community becomes a success, it is more likely that it will be used as a model for expanding into other areas, which will be meaningful for its user base. 

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