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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Google Doubles Time for Play Music Free Access

For some time, Google Play Music has been attempting to gain traction in a market that’s full of strong competitors. Today, a 30 day free trial was offered by the music service; this is on top of the already existing 30 day free trial offered, which means that new subscribers can enjoy about 2 months of free music. This would involve complete access to all of the 30 million songs that exist on Google Play Music, which can be downloaded or streamed to all connected devices.

This means that anyone who isn’t a subscriber right now can just go over to Google Play Music and will be granted unrestricted access. This trial hasn’t been offered in some countries as yet such as the UK, but it will become available in most regions and areas in the next few hours. However, people should stay alert because this offer will not last for very long so hesitating too much won’t be a good decision. After the 2 month trial comes to an end, the users will be asked to subscribe to Play Music for the standard charge of $9.99 a month, which unlocks ‘All Access’.

As we can infer from the name, this will allow you to download or stream as much music as you could possibly want. Play Music has been attempting to promote their service with similar deals and offers like this one. Google has been pushed to move their game ahead in the streaming market because there has been increased competition from other streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes Match and Tidal. Users can use Play Music for maintaining a personal catalog of about 50,000 songs on the web. This is their ‘online music locker’ and they can stream from it whenever they wish and on any device they prefer.

Of course it is perfectly possible for them to download music as well, if they want. Furthermore, in order to compete with its biggest competitor iTunes, Google’s Play Music will now also be available on the iPad and has already been available on the iPhone for a while. Up until now, Play Music has been doing well and offers such as these can give it a good boost. Google introduced the service after it acquired music streaming service called Songa in 2014. The acquisition gave it the ability of providing users with playslist based on time, your recent downloads and your last played music.

When combined with unlimited online streaming, the online music locker, Chromecast compatibility, sharing on 10 devices, custom radio stations and you have got a very powerful and impressive music streaming service. 

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