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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Avril Lavigne Was Missing Because Of The Lyme Disease

Avril Lavigne had gone MIA (missing in action) for quite a few months now. Her fans were worried about her disappearance and now she is finally out of her hibernation and in front of the world. What she told was quite painful for her fans. She had been missing from action because she had Lyme disease. She was not well and with her health condition she couldn’t have performed for her fans. She could not work on any projects during this period of missing and now she is disclosing her feelings about how she felt during these 6 months.

Close to the end of the last year she went missing because her doctors had found out that she had Lyme disease. This is a disease spread by ticks and you would never know about the bite of the tick because in most people no rashes are formed and no itching occurs after the bite. However, the signs start to emerge slowly and this one little bite from a little bug could make you stay on bed for months. Joint pains and tiredness are some of the main symptoms of the condition. Symptoms of the disease might also include severe headaches.

Avril is only 30 years of age so she could fight the disease but still it was severe enough to keep her on bed for 6 months. Avril explains in her own words that she felt as if someone had pulled her life out of her. She could not move from her bed. She said she could not even take baths for weeks because she was too weak to get off the bed. She even said that her condition was so bad that she didn’t even feel like talking. There was her husband and her mom to take care of her during this ordeal.

Avril says that she is quite better now. She almost fit by 80% so now she can get back to her work. She also mentioned that she was only in contact with one of her fans during this time and kept her condition secret from rest of the fans. However, news about her health spread all around on social media but she did not mind that. In fact, she said she felt happy when her fans shared their pictures and videos with her to show her how much they love her. Since 2013 there has been a pause on her albums.

There is a song coming from her for Special Olympics though. Avril has mentioned that she felt a change in how she thinks after all that happened to her. She has been working since she was only 17 without stopping. She said that 6 months of time away from work has given her enough time to think about importance of other things in her life. She said she has always been working and had never found this much time away from her work. However, she says now she has known other things in her life such as true happiness and family.

Avril, who looks full of life whenever you look at her, has mentioned that her condition has made her change a lot in her diet. She is not focusing on eating sugar free and gluten free stuff. She is picking up mostly the all-organic stuff in her food. She even said that now she is taking time off her schedule every day to do some yoga and walking. She is also meditating. She said she will also talk about her disease with others because many of her doctors could not diagnose it for several months but she wants to keep her fans informed beforehand.

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