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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Notionaries Are Going To Make You Feel Empowered With Their Music

Internet has become that platform where anyone with any amount of talent can come and try his/her luck. People become viral from their first videos whereas some stay unnoticed even after years of struggle. However, if you are doing something unique and attention grabbing, and you have reached the right people, your efforts will never go to waste. The Notionaries, an alternative rock band from Midwest, is auspiciously covering the very first stages of its musical career. The band has released only 2 songs yet but you can already feel their style, passion and love for music in those tracks.

The Notionaries is a new band but you won’t ever be able to guess that from their tracks. There are 4 members in the band so you can call it a complete band. The four members are named Logan Rine, Nick Patrick, Lamar Fite and Andrew Hise. Lamar is the sound, i.e. the vocals, of the band. All the great and intricate work on the lead guitars is handled by Logan. Andrew Hise shows his great experience and sense of music at the percussion and Andrew Hise is the bass player of the band. The kind of music they like to produce surprisingly blends perfectly.

All these great musicians are from the Midwest, and while the band has just been formed, the band members have been acquainted with each other somehow. Lamar and Andrew have played together for a long time and Nick and Logan too knew each other before forming the band. Two of their tracks are already available for people to listen on SoundCloud. They can be followed on their social networking accounts as well. They keep their fan page quite updated on Facebook so you can always keep in touch with them there.

The music they do is alternative rock, as mentioned above, but they have a very “the Notionaries” style to their music. The vocals are amazingly soothing and Lamar is definitely a melodious guy. Andrew Hise also has a very unique sense on the percussions. You don’t hear him playing the conventional beats on regular drums instead he likes to experiment a lot and you can already hear that from their recently famous song excited eyes. Their other track bandit starts off with bass, soft percussions and purposefully written lyrics from Lamar sung with heart and tranquility you rarely hear these days.

Logan must be admired separately from the rest of the band due to his very unique work on lead guitar. He’s the one who fills every song with that 80s feeling that you get from the most songs of the era. Together they produce music that’s definitely worth a try for anyone who appreciates good music. It’s hard to count them among the new artists of our time mainly for the reason that their lyrics are very empowering, high-spirited and meaningful. Their music is not “feel good” music. It’s rather “make you feel good” music. Try them right now on SoundCloud or on their official website. 

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