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Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Song Revealed by Ringo Starr

All set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ringo Starr’s new song has been premiered by Billboard from Postcards From Paradise, which is his 18th solo album, due to release on March 31st. Starr told Billboards that this album is part of his being as it is a reflection of what he does i.e. making the best possible records.

He added that the music was homemade as it begins with a little synthesizer part or drum. He also stated that the music starts with him, along with Bruce Sugar, his engineer who also has some really good ideas. Then, he asserted that he takes those songs and asks his friends for help.

On the 2003 song that was titled Memphis in Your Mind, Ringo had paid tribute to Sun Records and Memphis and he said that this latest track reminded him about the sound of that city. Starr said that he had called Glen Ballard for making a record and had given him a choice between two basic tracks that he had cut with his engineer. He said that this one had been chosen by Glen and had been turned into ‘Confirmation’. Memphis had been the original name of this track because it gave the feel of Memphis, but it had now been renamed as Confirmation. 

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