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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Display Award Wins

The 32-year-old singer doesn't want to look ‘cheesy’ so she keeps her awards hidden in a secret part of her home. Many gongs have been given to Kelly Clarkson over the years, which include multiple AMAs and Billboards and also three Grammys. The singer doesn't want to come off as self-obsessed even though she is definitely proud of her achievements. Therefore, she has chosen to store her accolades somewhere they aren't easily visible to her friends.

The singer said that she had kept them on the fourth floor, the equivalent of an attic. She said that she didn't want people to think of her as super-cheesy, but she knows they are there so she can be proud of what she has done. Not only has she been awarded in her own right, she has also written songs for other artists as well. Her song, Tell me a Lie was recorded by One Direction, even though initially she hadn't been sure to about it. Because she hadn’t heard of the boy band before, she checked them 'out on YouTube first to ensure they ‘didn’t suck’.

Her career is in her stellar period right now and even on the home front, things are definitely looking up for Kelly Clarkson. Last June, a daughter River, was born to her and her husband Brandon Blackstock, who also has two children of his own. Kelly’s life has been enriched since she became a mother and has brought some changes as well. The most important one is that she doesn't get drunk anymore. 

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