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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Right Time To Sell Vinyl Records Has Arrived

Vinyl records are increasing in popularity with time and it seems the popularity is going to go up a bit more in the coming years. Vinyl records or LPs are the big discs that we see in old movies revolving on the turntables. The disc starts to rotate on the turntable and a pin that rests on the grooves of the record helps make the sound. Later on, technology advanced and the turntables and discs were nowhere to be found. Something unknown happened and all of sudden we are seeing more and more LPs on the market.

The sales of the LPs have gone up by more than 100 percent in the recent years. Either this is just people feeling nostalgic or that they have now realized that the sound of these vinyl records is much better than the modern CDs and DVDs. You might be startled after listening to the fact that LPs had better sound quality than modern DVDs and CDs but that’s a fact. The biggest reason behind LPs being better is that they record analogue sound and produce it without converting it into digital sound format. What this means is that you listen to everything exactly as it was recorded.

One can now sell vinyl records to companies that are looking to buy them at some great rates. The companies are willing to pay big money for these records because they are old, rare and now in demand. The sales are increasing for vinyl records with time and more and more companies are appearing online to buy them. However, what these companies will pay you for your records depends a lot on the quality of LPs you have. They have methods to check the quality of these records and the best method is to listen to the whole record.

Scratches and other things can damage the integrity of a record. This can cause the LP to produce annoying noises when playing. The quality of music is also disturbed and eventually you can’t enjoy the music you are listening to. At the same time, there are some records that are more valuable than others for many reasons. For example, some versions of the albums from big artists came out and became controversial. Their release was banned and then they were rereleased. The limited number of records that was distributed before the ban will now be considered more valuable.

Even one LP can be a great benefit for you because depending on the status and condition your LP is in the company can easily pay you $10 for it. You could even get paid nearly $100 if you have a unique record with you. Make sure you collect all the records you have in one place, listen to them carefully and put the ones online for sale that are enjoyable at listening. There is standard called the “goldmine standard” that is used by most of the online companies to grade the condition of your records before buying them. The better the rating the higher the price of your record.  


  1. Has anyone tried selling vinyl records at the marketplace?

  2. In addition to dirt causing damage, exposed vinyl can be damaged by the sun's UV rays. Robert Worse still, if records are poorly maintained, they become prone to the dreaded "clicks and pops" of vinyl playback.


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