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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nick Jonas Is Reluctant for Hoping Big on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The day is known as the most romantic day, and perhaps most waited day for lovers across the planet. But for Nicholas Jerry, famous as "Nick" Jonas, the day appears to be really problematic.

The American singer & multi-instrumentalist is in romantic vows with Olivia Culpo, Miss USA 2012. The couple has been dating each other for couple of years and this perhaps indicates that he is going to spend the most romantic weekend with his love lady.

Since the weekend is coming on same day as Valentine's, the 22yrs old musician isn't in the mood to look forward to many expectations on lovers’ big day, who enjoy making a big deal of the Valentine’s Day.

The songwriter and actor, Nick in an interview with the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine showed the lack of enthusiasm to fasten too many hopes on the 14th. In the reply of the question what he has in mind for the day, the star responded as he really didn't have any idea.  He reveled he'd never celebrated it until last year.

Nick believes in honesty and says his honesty is his best quality while snoring is the worst part of his personality. He thinks when you are in love; a reasonable amount of jealousy is always good. If there is nothing like that, then it goes a bit strange.
"I am not immune to jealousy, which is why the negative emotion became the title of my second solo single.’ he added
Nick with Olivia and their two friends went on holiday to the Dominican Republic and had a fall over Valentine's Day. Nick says that was really amazing. According to the singer, lots of couples carry too much importance on the 14th that sometimes can be problematic for them.

This might show a non-sensitive or non-emotional side of the star but despite all his reluctance to have big on Valentine's, Nick is a romantic person. He believes in being honest and straight but has always been found making up hard-hitting love situations with caring gifts.

Nick says he'd be sensitive, tough and tell his girlfriend if he doesn't like her outfit. 
'It's not my favorite,' he replied when asked how he would tell his girl. His answer was simple and prompt.

The singer says he is romantic too and often expresses his love by gifts. Their first Christmas together was amazing and he bought Olivia 12 gifts.
‘That all had some importance to the time we'd had. She loved it." He added.

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