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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Britney's New Man Talks About Their Relationship

Britney Spears is the darling star to many fans. The amazing hot singer has gathered lots of achievements since she debuted her singing with ‘Baby One More Time' in 1999. Her professional success story is no longer unforeseen for anyone listening to the American singer for several years but she still carries lots of hidden surprises in her personal life.

The rumor has it all saying that the mother of two children, is again in love with someone. Charlie Ebersol is the name of the new man in Britney's life who has recently unveiled his association with the star saying that he's really lucky to have such an amazing woman like Britney. The son of NBC Sports Executive Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James couldn't stop himself from gushing over the wonderful feeling while he was in an interview with Access Hollywood, and the focus inevitably moved to the star.

Though the new couple has all their plans to keep their privacy about their togetherness and other personal matters in secret but the producer is visibly headed over heels in love with the singer. He said that he is very fortunate because Britney is an amazing woman. Nobody can look past all of the incredible accomplishments that she has.

The 32yrs old boyfriend was appearing as if he's desperate to reveal his love for Britney from the rooftop but according to the couple there is something really special for them to keep some things under wraps especially when they are in the early stage of their relation.

The couple deliberately tries to keep themselves away from the public eye and enjoys nothing more than a quiet nighttime in. Charlie explained how he loves to be with the singer saying that they spend a great time because they don't go out. And the thing he enjoys more than anything is the quiet time. It's not just unintended, it's by plan.

It seems as Britney keeps changing her mind for the personal relationships that she's been living with in her life. After splitting up with her two former husbands Kevin Federline, and Jason Allen Alexender, she started dating David Lucado who spent many years in the singer's arms. However, their love story couldn't eventually sustain as Britney started realizing that she was been cheated by the long-time boyfriend. And she soon announced the spilt with David.

Then it comes to Charlie who appeared to be coming closer to the star in October 2014. The new bonding was making the two flying high in romantic mode. It was so surprising for everyone because all this began just two months after Britney's splitting up with her ex. boyfriend.

The new bonding couple is in romance and doing different things to make each other happy. While talking to the magazine, Charlie also said that they both celebrated their birthdays in December. He told that he bought his love lady a large cake for her birthday which she then followed up with a bigger one for his birthday. He said that they found their competitive sides quickly revealed by these celebrations.

'What do you think? Is it like starting to ramp up a little bit'. Charlie laughed.

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