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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ariana Grande Talks About Her Life

Apparently appearing as if she’s strong enough to ignore every negative thing, Ariana Grande is familiar with what could break her heart. Don’t be surprised if she says it’s nothing else but ‘mean comments’ that have the command to get her dampen the spirits.

The American singer is a popular choice among the hottest singers of the era who have been well-liked for their catchy music talent, and amazing live performances for years. ‘Love me harder’ is the most popular single by Ariana where she had Iggy Azalea in the collaboration.

The 21yrs old songwriter has been weird on the spot where she has to choose the person she would like to have a good time. Ariana, on the other hand, has the aptitude to distinguish her long-ago associations from school that have put things into a realistic point of view for her. 

Speaking of her school time, she said that she was in all groups as she supposed that she was a kind of bore persons. ‘But there were good friends of mine too’, Ariana insisted.

Talking to ASOS magazine, the actress put herself in plain words saying that she knew it perhaps was like being all the rage however she also knew whatever came in the view was like having my heart broken by harassments."

Although she has some of the frightening memories from her school life, Ariana stays close to some of her childhood friends including Alexa, Aaron and Tyler. According to the songster, these are the names who always keep her "grounded and happy".

Ariana’s  associations also encircle some new friends such as the American rapper, Nicki Minaj who had an amazing collaboration with the singer on their famous song ‘Bang bang beside Brit pop icon Jessie J. Ariana declare these recordings as a dream come true when she worked with one of her most favorite music icons.

Expressing her feeling while she was working with Nicki, Ariana revealed about her love for Nicki.  She says that she’s a great fan of Nicki Minaj for many years. The coolest element of having her association wasn’t only to record ‘bang bang’ together but also was to get to know her. "Nicki’s a nice human being and so determined. She is a true professional." Ariana mentioned. 

Besides being the hot singer, Ariana is an enthusiastic cook who’s always thumping up delicious food for her best friends. Some of her favorite dishes include quinoa and kale sautéed in teriyaki sauce with cashew nuts and avocado that she loves to share with her buddies.

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