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Thursday, December 11, 2014

South Park To Have Iggy Azelea, Lorde And Lots More At The Finale

South Park is going to have the superstars of the pop music at its 

season finale of the part one.  The finale is an out-and-out opportunity 

for the pop superstars like Iggy Azelea, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and 

Lorde who have received a South Park lampoon. The audience will also 

witness the king of the pop music Mr. Michael Jackson in as a hologram 

off target.

In addition to the rocking performances by the talented artists, South 

Park has also planned to take in a persistent narration whispering 

throughout the season that involves the disclosure that young New 

Zealand pop singer Lorde is in reality the revise personality of Randy 

Marsh who is a 45yrs old male geologist and the father of Stan.

Lorde, or Randy is going to appear at a benefit concert in the episode 

going live tonight. The singer will come up with  ' Night of Pure 

Oestrogen: Women of Rock ' addressing the gluten crisis in Africa.

Randy/Lorde seems to be a little hesitant for taking the stage with no 

use of his valuable auto-tune. Even if the manager to the singer said in 

response that it's not about the music, it's about comments. Everyone 

thinks what the people out there care what he/she sounds like?

On the other hand Randy says that he would like to act as a role model, 

who is positive to young girls, a ruling that displeases Iggy Azalea to 

sound musical sound with, 'That's really not difficult for you to say, you 

don't have a good body.' Which then off course, leads to a full scale cat 


Sounds excited! So what are waiting for? Check the stars right out at 

South Park, 10pm on Comedy Central tonight.

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