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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Music That Has The Power To Uplift And Inspire

In these times of almost universal division and turmoil, music that gathers people together in the space of our commonalities is vital.  Aside from its inherent beauty, this music is a blend of East and West, of tradition and modernity – music that builds bridges - and it comes from a tradition (Sufism - and specifically the lineage of the poet Rumi) that, even though it is deeply rooted in Islam, always and truly speaks from a place of 'many pathways, one destination.’ These chants come from a contemplative tradition that invokes that part of us that is bigger than the ego, wiser than the ego, and infinitely more forgiving than the ego, and bringing that loving self into our relationships, into society.

This project represents the mystical tradition that led me to embrace it decades ago – generous, expansive, forgiving, peaceful, and truly ethical.  Its intent is help people strip away all that runs counter to the most basic impulse in human beings – the impulse to reflect and express beauty (iḥsan).  The Tasbih recording project also presents a face of Islam (and a female one that) that is rarely if ever presented in the media.

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