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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miley Makes Out With Paris Hilton

The world of entertainment industry is full of amusement swirling many Interesting chitchat

and gossips around.  This time it talks about the American singer, actress and songwriter Miley

Ray Cyrus who has reportedly been found making out with the heiress Paris Whitney Hilton.

The 22yrs old singer is assumed to have been speckled in a loving hug with Hilton at Miami

nightspot E11EVEN.

Another surprise is that Miley didn't arrive at the awkward place alone or with Paris Hilton as

she was accompanied with Patrick Schwarzenegger (Miley's boyfriend) who is the son of Maria

Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The couple has been dating for last few months and also been caught by many photographers’

cameras on different occasions. While there are also some news claiming the duo is also been

found across the Florida city enjoying in each other’s company. This was the place where they

went to attend the ArtBasel.

Paris who is an American socialite, actress and entertainer, also been in many relationships and

recently was found dating the 28th yrs old Ralph Lauren model Josh Upshaw after her coming

apart from Spanish model River Viiperi.

E! News has also posted an interesting photograph where Patrick and Miley can be seen

smocking on a terrace together the hours of daylight on Thursday.  Having the boyfriend

together and coming up with a hot and sticky session with Hilton, isn't that something


On the other hand, according to American news outlet Fox411’s report, some reliable sources

that were also present on the nightspot claim that the three of people of the scene left


The rumor has it that Patrick’s parents are about to reach the terms with the up-and-coming

association, even supposing it was before claimed Maria didn’t like the singer.

 'It's not correct that Maria is dejected with Miley,' an insider told People magazine some days

back. 'If her son is happy, the mother is happy off course!'

This could be a sign of for the very first time that Miley has been made this publically about an

affair after her former bond with Liam Hemsworth. The former  couple dated on and off after

June  in 2009, and even their engagement was announced just after two years of this date

which was later turned into marriage in September 2013.

Patrick, on the other hand, also doesn’t have a history without a girlfriend. He had an affair with

Taylor Burns that continued for two years. The former dup separated their ways and met their

new mates.

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