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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kodaline Unveil Their New Album 'Coming Up For Air'

It was not earlier than the last Friday when Kodaline announced the release of their new single

known as 'honest' and today the band is announcing the release of their latest album 'Coming Up

For Air' that is going to arrive on February 9th, next year.

The band has formed one of the greatest success records in the past two years. They are to come

up with a huge excitement of a kind of comeback along with their epic new album 'Coming Up For

Air' that will be releasing through RCA Victor in February 2015.

Originally known as 21 Demands, the boys, according to the grapevine, have drawn the wonderful

inspiration from some of the most excellent producers like the creator of Snow Patrol, R.E.M,

Jacknife Lee, maker of Ellie Goulding, Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding), and the man of 'A Perfect World',

Steve Harris.  They've witnessed how full-fledged songs were gushing out even much quicker than

the group ever thought.

Steve Garrigan, the lead singer of  Kodaline revealed that if anyone would have told us at the start

of the summer that they'd be winding up the album as autumn ends we wouldn't have believed

them. But it really happened so quickly and we did lot of the songs live in the studio, just right on

the spot.

Steve's lyrics have always been impressing listeners from all of their albums that have come out.

Right from the first appearance of the band as 'In A Perfect World', the songwriter has written the

BULK of the songs in the collaboration  with the guitarist Mark, the bassist Jason and the drummer

Vinny pitching in on all the music. Kodaline have brought a game-changer in their debut single

'Honest'. Including a stadium sized chorus that is the reason for the Coldplay to be swollen with

pride, and is one of the highlights aiming the success of 'Coming Up For Air'.

After having a great worldwide tour with 'In A Perfect World’, the band has played in the festivals

and shows here there and everywhere.  The smugly boys of Kodaline have decided to play a few of

live gigs across the United Kingdom in February and March next year.

Kodaline Play On The Following Dates:


•Sunday on 15th Feb at GLASGOW, Barrowlands 

•Tuesday 17th Feb at LONDON, Roundhouse


•Monday 9th March at NOTTINGHAM, Rock City

•Tuesday 10th March at SOUTHAMPTON, Guildhall

•Wednesday 11th March at NORWICH, UAE

•Thursday 12th March at BRISTOL, Academy

•Saturday 14th March at BIRMINGHAM, Institute

•Sunday 15th March at LEEDS, Academy

•Monday 16th March at NEWCASTLE, Academy

Get your tickets online at

The latest album by Kodaline has a lot to boasting that certainly includes the anthemic 'The One',

the driving drumming of 'Ready', the sound and burly weighed down 'Better' and the inspiring

album closer 'Love Will Set You Free'.

With 'Coming Up For Air', the Irish band has proven that they are up to the competency to manage

the recording an album which doesn't only stand as a sonic step on but the one which at its core

that keeps hold of the aptitude to hook up straight away with spectators, to contribute to the

emotions in their songs and to drag the listeners in to their world.

Coming Up For Air Track listing looks like the following:

1. Honest

2. The One

3. Autopilot

4. Human Again

5. Unclear

6. Coming Alive

7. Lost

8. Ready

9. Better

10. Everything Works Out In The End

11. Play The Game

12. Love Will Set You Free

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