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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Smallpool Gets in with Both Feet

Going on a huge headlining tour of North America with only 5 completed songs under the
belt is pretty rare for a band. However, Smallpool is doing it and is proving that a huge repertoire isn’t needed by anyone for thrilling fans and packing houses. The synth-rockers based in Los Angeles saw a quick turnaround in their fate. It was only in 2011 that Mike Kamerman, the guitarist and Sean Scanlon, the vocalist threw their belongings in a van and decided to drive cross-country to the West Coast from New Jersey. As they say, they didn’t have any major plan except for the fact that they wanted to make music and not starve to death.

On their way, they met Beau Kuther, the drummer and Joe Intile, the bassist. Both of them had come from Portland to the City of Angels to become professional musicians. Scanlon said that he and Mike were quite close to each other on the East Coast and were aware that they had to make a move for taking their career to the next level. Their inspiration was Scanlon’s best friend who had moved to L.A for working at a label and they thought he could help them in getting started. Initially, Scanlon worked as a valet at an upscale building in Westwood.

Lucky for him, there was an unoccupied and fully furnished suite in the building that had a grand piano and Scanlon could hole up in there and write songs after working. ‘Dreaming’ was one of those few songs, which eventually became the title track of the debut EP of the band and the ebullient lead single as well. Up till now, the song has received a total of 4 million views on YouTube, which led to the RCA offering a deal to the band. Now, the band has gotten enough success that they can give up on their day jobs and dedicate their entire time to working on a full-length album.

Scanlon said that they did numerous full-day lockouts in L.A’s Bedrock Studios where they would hash out the melodies and structures and then he would go somewhere else to write the lyrics. He added that the idea comes from one person and happy accidents give some great stuff. Lucky for them, the band is in the habit of recording all their sessions so they can go back and recreate the happy incidents. It was also said that new material for the album is quite similar to EP and they are hoping for a release date in 2015.

Scanlon further adds that they are nearly finished with the album, but they face the classic problem that everyone encounters; they think it’s done and then go back to change something or do one or more songs. However, now, they really do think they are done and are really proud of it. Therefore, they are looking forward to sharing it with the world. If last year is any indication, Smallpool will evolve as a band and will see a growing fanbase.

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