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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Suge Knight Gets Arrested Again With Katt Williams For Stealing A Camera

Suge Knight is no new name for those who like to hear rap and hip-hop. The aforesaid has been involved in many suspicious and criminal activities in the past, or is purported to have been involved. The CEO of Death Row Records and founder of Black Kapital Records, has been known as a big name in hip hop industry since the famous The Chronic, Dr. Dre’s one of the most famous albums in association with Death Row Records.

Known for being extremely outspoken and eccentric in his behavior, Suge Knight once received 6 bullets straight to his stomach. The witnesses at the scene have shown their astonishment at the fact that Knight was able to walk out of the club without any help from anyone after the 6 shots. Furthermore, Knight is supposed to have been involved in the murder of the famous Tupac Shakur, as stated on several occasions by various famous hip hop and rap artists.

This time Knight formed a duo with Kat Williams, which is not the first time they have joined for a legal run-in, to snatch the camera from a photographer. The photographer is said to be a female who does celebrity photography. The accusations have not been proved yet but it is said that the duo committed this offense in September in Beverly Hills.

If the accusations are proven right and Knight is really found involved in this robbery, he could end up behind bars for no less than 30 years. This is because his record is already smudged with an attack he made with a lethal weapon.

While knight is known for being a confrontational fellow, Williams, the person whose tours have once been managed by Knight, also has a bad record. Williams has also been sued by his tour manager, who used to manage his tours in the past, for battery charges. The former manager had stated that Williams hit him so badly that he lost his consciousness for nearly 2 minutes.

For robbing the photographer of her camera both the artists have been arrested. Knight’s arrest was made on Wednesday when he was in Las Vegas whereas Williams was also arrested when he showed up at court for the hearing of another case he’s involved in.

It must be noted here that Death Row Records was flying high due to its fame after Dr. Dre’ The Chronic but has been going downhill since 1996 due to Knight’s constant involvements with criminal offenses.

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