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Monday, October 20, 2014

Shweta Pandit Sings The Soul Version Of Tere Ho Ke Rahen Ge

The winner of The Radio Mirchi (Tamil) ‘best female singer’ award, Shweta Pandit is proud to sing the soul version of ‘Tere Ho ke Rahen Ge’. The song is reprise of Arjit Singh and is from an Indian movie ‘Raja Natwarlaal’.

Shweta Pandit is a famous Indian playback singer, recording vocalist, songwriter, musician, performing artist, and a bollywood actress. She also has recorded songs for other language films such as Telgu and Tamil.

Talking about her singing and upcoming project, 28yrs old singer says that she has sung the soul version of the movie whereas Arjit Singh is the singer of the male version that is romantic one and that’s how she felt. According to the attractive vocalist, her song is the reprise and is taken care more with the voice and feelings than the beats and furrow. "Arjit has a passionate voice and the energy of beats has built his version what is always needed for an Emran Hashmi’s movie", she added.

In the reply of a question Shweta answered that she didn’t feel bad that her version couldn’t make it to the top-ten list on Radio Mirchi. Both songs are completely the same and male version was chosen to promote the movie because it is filmed on lead actor of the movie, Emran Hashmi.   ‘If my version was promoted then it‘d have also been on the top too’. She insisted.

Expressing her views over the song’s promotion, Shweta said that this song is amazing and the listeners have cherished the melody. It has the harmony that is always the idol. She harked back to the publicity of male version and showed no regret over the ignorance her song went through. She spoke of the female version saying that online reviews and tweets confirm that people were anxiously waiting for the female version to watch the video of it but they couldn’t see before the film arrived.  The singer was applauded to sing this song in front of thousand of audience and all the people were singing with her that made me really happy. ‘That day I learnt that Tere Ho Ke Raheen Gain been loved all over and the countdown has proved it.’ Shweta smiled.

Shweta has just recorded for A.R. Rehman’s upcoming album ‘Raunaq’ and also has finished shooting for her upcoming movie Barkhaa. After singing with Salim Sulaiman for Bang Bang’s BG, the singer will travel to USA and Canada in October/November 2014.

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