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Monday, October 13, 2014

Robin Thicke And Paula Patton Decide to Divorce after 9 Years of Wedding

The Canadian-American singer Robin Thicke and the American actress Paula Patton have divorced after living 9yrs of wedded life. Paula Patton also has requested for joint legal and physical custody of their only son Julian Fuego Thicke who is 4 years old.

Citing the possible reasons behind this divorce, 38yrs old actress says that there are some irreconcilable differences so we wisely feel getting away from each other before things go beyond our control.

The couple first announced their spilt in February 2014 and now confirm to have filed a divorce that would legally separate the two. They also released a mutual statement saying that they would love each other and would be living as best friends however they have mutually decided to separate at that time.

Within the time passed, 37yrs old Thicke tried to patch things up to continue in his married life. Starting a public campaign, he released a new song ‘get her back’. He also gave an emotional performance on the song at the Billboard music award this year.

On the other hand there are also some sources that claim to sense another story behind the scene. It could be involving some culprit separating the duo or perhaps a harmonious reason, but the sad thing is that the couple is no longer with each other.

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