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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reviewing the New Album of Billy Idol

Billy Idol’s new album? It comes off as a surprise for many, but when you think about the other artists and bands of his era that are still around and even making ‘comebacks’, it is quite easy to assume that there is room for him in today’s market. However, what was unexpected was to see an artist who still has some relevance today and can release such a good album.

The first few tracks of the album include ringing guitar riffs, a big drum and Billy’s voice in fine fettle, which are reminiscent of the sound of the eighties, but they have a little more tone and fewer sneers in comparison. The sound of Can’t Break Me Down is massive along with a classic chorus. Even though in the last 10 years, this is his first album, it makes you feel as if he never went away.

Electro rhythms bubble in Save Me Now while the eighties feel becomes intensified in One Breath Away. However, it is the Postcards From The Past that tales off the album, cranking up the atmosphere and delivering the kind of sounds and moments that people associate with Billy Idol.

There are touches of folk in the title track of the album, which comprises of an autobiographical tale for our hero from ’77 and onwards. It is one of the best songs written by Billy Idol. While none of the album tracks can be classified as bad, there are moments when his age becomes obvious. Overall, it definitely is a fine return for him.

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