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Monday, October 13, 2014

Queen Release Trailer Of Unreleased Tracks

Releasing on 10 November, 2014, Queen's new album, Queen Forever has spread a new excitement around after its three tracks’ trailer arrival.  These tracks did not get to the music lovers before and have been much awaited for pretty long time.

One of last musical feats by late singer Freddie Mercury and a long anticipated song by Queen and Michael Jackson is also the highlight of these unreleased songs. Including ‘There Must Be More’ and ‘Let me in your heart’ by the band’s current album, these tracks appear to be rising on the popularity sky.

Besides these, the album is made up of Queen hits, classic songs and some latest and famous tracks that go with band’s recordings. Brain May said that the things they had brought together are like envoy of their growth rather than the huge hits in a collection flawlessly assembled by Roger Taylor and himself.

It’s also believed to say by the band that these songs connect each other to symbolize an ultimate collection of Queen's eternal love songs. The band’s upcoming album is great news for music lovers who have been waiting for the band being in form again.

Available in various forms such as single CD of 20 tracks and a set of two CDs with 36 tracks, Queen Forever is undoubtedly a hit album across the world and a celebration of amazing musical path of the top rock bands on the earth.

Watch Trailer Released By Queen Official

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